For a long time, people thought our solar system revolved around the Earth. Copernicus (or Galileo to some) came around and proved the planets revolved around our Sun.

Models are important - they are the perspective of an individual's perception of any given event. Models are always biased, but the objective should be to choose a model with the least bias possible.

How is this achieved?

Scrutinize opposing aspects, think critically, and have an open mind.

"All Truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident."

- Arthur Schopenhauer

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.

- Mark Twain

These opinions below may be my own or may belong to the authors whom I reference. They are posted for the benefit of mankind, so that we may collectively achieve a common ground and transition into a new golden era as seamlessly as possible.

Saturday, January 12, 2013


This could be the Earth's first multidimensional legal document on the Internet!  Please go to AK's site to check out all of the pertinent legal documents for the liberation of humanity.

Also, Kauilapele has been active in providing links to other OPPT sources.  He provides an interactive guide for OPPT.


Yes. You asked for answers regarding so many things, including St. Germaine's Trust, NESARA, The Prosperity Packages, the Global Collateral Accounts and before you unconsciously choose to live with limits or to live without limits...Pay conscious attention to the answers to all all your questions...Pay energy of attention to the release of truth, and the whole truth, for nothing but the absolute truth. Absolute truth is visible by conscious free will choice to breath and bring forth all data transparently, in trust of eternal guarantee of absolute peace, absolute love, and absolute grace. Know the answers in absolute context of absolute truth by within, then consciously choose by free will choice whether you absolutely BE and then DO BE'ing.

What IS the Public Trust and what does it DO?...In This absolute current present moment of now, it is the visible space of absolute truth that consciously absorbs the energy and holds the contrast of all data for you to exercise by free will conscious choice to BE free, without limits, now. So it is done. Ask your self, between feeling trust and feeling distrust...what do you consciously choose by your free will to experience now? All own the Public Trust, and all that is guaranteed as BE'ing absolutely secured in it, equally to all, in this absolute current present moment of will be done and honored. So it is.

In trust you can lovingly relax, purify and build in transparency, or, by contrast, in distrust you can angrily shield, fight and whither in transparency. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Your DO'ing what you choose to BE is the “application” of your choice. Your BE'ing is the delivery point of what you choose. No “rfid”, no “gps”, no “ssn”, no “codice fiscale”, no “blood”, no “address” required because that is so “yesterday” in this absolute current present moment of now.

As you begin BE'ing together as one in this absolute current present moment of now, ...consciously choose between the contrast to BE or not to DO or not to DO...choose by your free will choice! Either way you choose, by your free will, do you not know and see the absolute truth that it is? That each choice still equals BE'ing and DO'ing something? DO consciously make those choices the absolute current present moment of now. Consciously choose to BE and direct that absolute current of energy into the present moment of now, without limits, by free will choice. Your conscious free will choice exercised is to create, co-create as one in this absolute current present moment of will be done and honored. So it is.

The “powers that were”, in all your dimensions, know...they have known forever without transparency and... Now they DO consciously choose in transparency to experience... All the data of absolute truth is made visible in this absolute current present moment of now. Absolute truth of the energy and code you used to consciously deceive, limit, commandeer, and pervert into systems of mis-direction, mis-managements , by contrived events, finely tuned by the tool of using “expectation”, “hope”, “want”, “need”, through the perverted tools of the “corporation”, “government”, “society”, “country”, “family”, “gregorian calendar”, “holiday”, “holy day”, “religion”, “title”, “master”, “servant”, “media”, “film”, “money”, “commerce”, “ucc”, “divinity”, “above”, “below”, “inner”, “outer”, and other allusions of separation and division of the one implemented to serve your self interests to the damage of all others, duly canceled, and the energy re-set now by conscious free will of eternal presence consciously exercised and guaranteed in word of absolute truth. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

In absolute love, peace and grace all now shall know you can choose to experience the opportunity to make a different choice....know and see the absolute truth of how the perverted systems of mis-direction, mis-management, and the allusion were consciously chosen to manifest the extreme contrasts to show these “powers that were” that they could not stop, delay, hinder and avoid the absolute truth of what IS and to free those in the deepest slumbers or shackled by the strongest restraints, in all their that all could know and see absolute truth in this absolute current present moment of now the paradise of freedom...what DO you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

THE DISCLOSURE is now visible...use your tools within of resonance to recognize and know what in the absolute data IS absolute truth. You will recognize those who fear having all the data on the table and know why. The “roll out” of THE DISCOLSURE is further made and done by all equally,...DO as you freely choose in this absolute current present moment of now. Free will be done and honored. So it is.

By absolute declaration and loving decree made in absolute responsibility and absolute liability, begin absolute context of visible specifics of THE DISCLOSURE, THE EVENT, and “roll out” in the manner absolutely good for all in this absolute current present moment of now.

DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, January 11, 2013, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with absolute responsibility and liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with governing law, UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA:

/s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as                  /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body                    /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as
         Trustee 1111                                         BE'ing     1111                                                  Co-Creator            1111

/s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as               /s/Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body                /s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as   
         Trustee 1111                                         BE'ing      1111                                                  Co-Creator             1111

/s/Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as        /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body           /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as 
         Trustee 1111                                         BE'ing        1111                                                  Co-Creator           1111

__________________________       _____________________________________       ___________________________
               as Trustee                                               as state of body and BE'ing                                              as Co-Creator

Gaia's first multidimensional legal document on the Internet....  And so it begins..... -AK  1/11 11:11

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